2014 Cambios Fit de Honda y fecha de lanzamiento

2014 Honda Fit front view

El subcompacto, hatchback increíble,Honda Fit está todo listo para salir con su nuevo modelo, denominado como el Hatchback Jazz y comúnmente conocida como la 2014 Honda Fit. Desde 2001, the Fit has been a successful model for Honda and now with its third generation ready for debut, Honda is all set to cash on its amazing new design and electric variant.

What is new? What is changed?

The loyal customers of Honda and admirers around the globe will be able to see this amazing new model debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show, later in November 2013. What the customers have been expecting and how their expectations will be met is a question after the new Fit is introduced. However the hype created about the new Honda Fit revolves around the car being a step ahead in technology, design and comfort for all its users.

Moreover with the 2014 Honda Fit, the company is intending to make its mark in low cost vehicles. Remember the price of the new model is yet to be disclosed and since the production has shifted from much expensive Japan to less costly Mexico, the price for the new Honda Fit is expected to be reasonable in the new market.

As per a few sources, the new Honda Fit has seen a number of effective improvements, as a result of extensive upgrades to the model. The acceleration of the 2014 model is being known to improve 15% while the fuel consumption has seen a reduction by 10%. The credits for the solution of the fuel consumption and acceleration problems of Honda Fit goes solely to CVT which has been married to a 1.5 liter engine with direct injection. The improvements have given the new Fit a total of 117 horsepower and around 106 Nm of torque, making the car one of the best and sturdiest to be introduced in the markets as yet.

The interiors have been remodeled allowing more space in the cab and easy functionality of the instruments within. Start Stop technology has been used in the interior of the car which makes it easy to turn off the engine when the car is idling.

2014 Honda Fit back view

The outlook of the car remains the same in height and width but has slight improvements where length is concerned. The new Fit is about 6 cm longer than its predecessor. It has a sporty look with a more sturdy bumper and completely new front and rear. With much changes, the new Honda Fit is all the more comfortable, practical and very very functional.

Fecha de lanzamiento

La 2014 Honda Fit has seen its run on the roads of Japan but the release date for the rest of the world is scheduled for the Tokyo Motor Show in November 2013. However the US market will see the debut of the car during summers of 2014. The price is yet to be announced and it is being hoped that it will definitely fit what Honda terms as economical. Loyal customers of the company are awaiting the car’s release date with excitement piled high.

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